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September 10, 2016
Casino Group of Hotels, Saj Earth
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How it Works

1. Scan

With just one click, Scan any ID document. Support for all passports/countries using the ICAO 9303 standard, supported, identity cards, driving licenses and much more. Zerosnap also recognizes the MRZ – Machine Readable Zone – of all standard VISA.

2. Sign

(Optional: Let your guests sign digitally) Using one of the supported signature tablets, your guests can sign their registration card electronically. The signature is added directly to their customer profile.

3. Check-In

(Optional: Data Check/Editing) Manage all data inside the Zerosnap interface. Validate names and dates, even the client’s address through SAVE©, the integrated Smart Address Validation Engine. SAVE© uses the Premium GoogleMaps© API.

4. Send

Send it all to your PMS. Data is immediately transferred into your in-house system, as required. Zerosnap is also able to keep separate images of all scanned documents. Say goodbye to photocopies.

Emilia Clarke
Management Team
Lake Palace Resort
Greatly satisfied with ZeroSnap software!!! Using the application, our workload has been reduced to the maxmimum. Thanks team for a brilliant application..
Emilia Clarke
Bipendra Gupta, General Manager
Lemon Tree Premier Bangalore, India
Well satisfied with ZeroSnap software!!! A great amount of our workload has been reduced, thanks, to the wonderful application.
Emilia Clarke
Sameer Singh, Vice President - Operations
Lemon Tree AeroCity Delhi, India
What a wonderful application this is!!! Kudos to the entire team in developing such a brilliant application.
Emilia Clarke
Management Team
Sterling Holidays Resorts
We are extremely satisfied with ZeroSnap software!!It has been a wonderful experience in working with ZeroSnap team. We are very grateful that we choose the right software program for our business nd could not be more happier with our purchase. Thanks to ZeroSnap!!
Emilia Clarke
Prince Thomas, IT Head
CGH Group of Hotels, Cochin, India
An extremely intelligent application for the capture of guest ID cards and quicker check IN to the PMS as well as FRRO..
Emilia Clarke
Nitin Sagar, CEO & Owner
Bharti Lodge, Hubli, Karnataka, India
Just wow!!! This is very simple & easy to handle application. I have been using for the past 3 years. Will definitely recommend to others..
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