Our Values

Since our inception in 2014, Intellilabs has set out to bring a massive change in the software development industry. Our passion stems from our people. We value unity in diversity and believe that different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives are what makes us a stronger and capable team of IT professionals. Each and every one of our employees adds to our inclusive growth their own ideas and suggestions. We value each team member's contribution and consider them as our own family members. Back when started as a small technology firm, Intellilabs have grown during the past 7 years into a strong IT development company handling multiple projects across various domains and different clients around the globe. We develop windows based, web based, cloud soultions along with mobile app development according to the customer needs.

We have a vibrant team of employees who listen to the customers, provide their own suggestions in order to improve not only the application but also the business, set targets and deadlines, meet them and provide customer satisfaction to the maximum. The following founding ideals are at the heart of Intellilabs and develop our creativity and personal satisfaction. They define our business strategy and vision and help us make decisions – it is our philosophy.

Focus on the Client Experience

Delivering a project can be challenging for clients and we look after them in each and every step of the way with the maximum interaction and outputs from the client side.We help clients stretch their budgets, understand the application process and we love celebrating successful outcomes with them too.

We help clients stretch their budgets, understand the animation process and we love celebrating successful outcomes with them too.

Develop Our Creative Team

Our company processes are designed to mentor and help the team realise their creative potential and client goals while having fun. We have generalists and specialists and each project presents a new challenge and different varieties of skill sets to involve.

We also encourage people to become passionate about all aspects of an IT process flow so that everyone is aware of what is happening during each pahse of the application devlopment, from the requirements phase till the implementation and after sales support phase.

Nurture Local Talent

Finding natural talent and evolving skills is embedded into our business strategy. We provide opportunities to each one of our employees to learn new skills and upgrade existing skills which enables them to handle bigger projects as well as clients across the globe in an easy manner without providing any work pressure.

Many thanks,

Nirmal EK
CEO, IntelliLABS Techno Solutions